MyThinks helps you create a dedicated space in your stores for an exclusive
customization experience

Plug and play

Techla Luxury provides jewelry quality diamond tip engraving of a message or a logo.

Very compact, it will easily find its place on your counter
or on a stand.

Techla Luxury personalization solution, engraving machine gold & black and Gold and white color

Intuitive interface

Only 4 steps to get your gift engraved in less than 2 minutes


15 companies

Your customized gift is ready !

3 engraving layouts


type your message


select a combination of letters

Image or Logo:

select an image or logo from the library

We make it easy !

To simplify the personalization process, each gift is presented in packaging that is a perfect holding fixture for engraving with Techla Luxury.

Easy to use for the shop staff and customers, who can do their own engraving by themselves.

Dedicated to retail environment, compact 30×30 cm size, quiet and clean (no dust, smoke or smell).

20.000 engraves warranty, no technical maintenance, USB & WI-FI connection for downloads and remote access.

International configuration allows for a use anywhere in the world (multilingual user interface, universal power supply).

Stand alone with no need for external devices and just one plug.

100% Made in Italy, with an attractive design and premium quality.


Opt for the modern design and high-end concept of a MyThinks stand to offer refined staging.

This elegant fixture, available in white and black, will harmoniously match any store décor.


Eye-catching design that shows up to 6 examples of engraved gifts!

Get your customers inspired and give them the opportunity to see, touch and feel the gift once customized.

Directly fitted for the Techla Luxury engraving machine, the display can be easily removed.

Travel Case

Lets the Techla Luxury machine follow you safely during your on-site events !

This robust case, with its high density foam interior, will ensure first class travel of your machine and its accessories (power supply, display).

A place for everything and everything in its place.