Gifts collection


Discover the MyThinks range and get inspired by the latest trends.

We customize your selection with your brand name, logo or any design!


A colorful range for an infinite creativity

3 square personalized gifts in anodized aluminum from Iconics collection : Black tales of Arabian night medal / laser marking ; Blue enjoy your travel tag / diamond engraving ; gold whiskey dk charm / digital printing


The nobility of brass

3 personalized gifts in coated brass from Prestige collection : round chrome with Monogram engraved medal, square chromed with logo engraved wih laser tag, flower 24 CT golf with text message engraved charm


Sparkling handmade enameling

3 personalized gifts in enameled chromed zamak from glitter collection : red glitter star charm, heart medal backside personalized with diamond engraving, black glitter circle tag


A mix of modern and tradition

3 personalized gifts in coated zamak from Textured collection : antique silver butterfly charm, antique silver square medal backside personalized with diamond engraving text message, english brass heart tag

Soft touch

The ultimate elegance

3 personalized gifts in aluminum and brass with rubber fusioned braid from Soft Touch collection : light blue luggage tag, purple heart charm personalized with diamond engraving, pink circle medal


A premium selection of natural Toscanian leathers

3 personalized gifts in geniune Toscanian leather on antique silver finish zamak from Leather collection : red circle charm, circle back side personalized with diamond engraving, blue circle tag


High-end name tags to express your style

3 different name badge shapes from the Badges collection : rectangular with left round location for logo, rectangular with its packaging, rectangular with upper location for logo


The little extras for the perfect gift