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MyThinks is an exclusive high-end concept, 100% made in Italy, that includes an extensive range of premium quality gifts anyone can personalize in your store or during events, with a Techla Luxury engraving machine. Easy and fun to use, it provides each customer a unique and rewarding shopping experience.

The perfect tool for brand promotion, creating a buzz, generating foot traffic, boosting your sales and building customer loyalty!

Gifts collection

Personalization solution


Let’s your creativity run wild ! MyThinks is also made-to-order gifts.

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An extensive range of materials and finishes

A tailor made customer journey

Machine interface adaptation
Chocolate bar shape gift with personalized packaging
Tailored product packaging
POS personalization kiosk in a gift store
Customized POS advertising
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Develop in-store events that drive results.

Implementing a MyThinks personalization solution in your store or during an event will create excitement about your products and generate a large volume of interactions with the consumers of your products on social media. We will make your number of visits, mentions, followers and comments explode !

A real opportunity since interpersonal comunication is more effective in influencing consumer purchasing decisions than advertising alone and if you combine both of them, you will have the greatest power !

Set of gifts from different collections

Create the buzz

Set of gifts from different collections

Generate traffic

Give people a good reason to walk through your doors by transforming your store into something more!

In addition to good products and services, provide your customers something new and unique that they will not find anywhere else : impress them with a fun, exclusive and immersive experience.

Let your customers be part of the personalization experience in-store by giving them the opportunity to engrave their gift themselves with a unique message they will enter on the Techla Luxury machine.

A WOW effect guaranteed to create new fans who will drive more people in your store!

The MyThinks concept will increase your sales.

Target the product or range of products you want to push and offer the customization service exclusively on this selection. A good way to develop high-margin sales.

Add to your offer an ephemeral on the spot personalization experience during special events (new product launches, VIP customer private sales) or for peak seasons (Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas…)

Psst…. we create capsule collections for each season, stay tuned!

Set of gifts from different collections

Boost your sales

Set of gifts from different collections

Build customer loyalty

MyThinks fosters customer loyalty

Offering a free gift with purchase to customers who spend a certain amount or purchase a given product will keep them coming back for more.

On top of that, they can personalized it on the spot, which will create an intense emotional experience that will strengthen their sense of belonging to your store or brand.

About us

MyThinks, Head, Hands and Heart…


MyThinks is a concept of ultra-personalization at the point of sale that has won the Innovation Prize during its product launch at “International Pack and Gift Show – Paris“.

MyThinks is distributed by the YouPerso team, specializing in deploying and supporting international point of sale personalization projects.

MyThinks is a MyFamily brand of MyFamily Srl. an Italian company that has been expressing the great Italian goldsmith tradition for over 30 years, adding value to every item through precision and an attention to detail.

15 companies in one !!!

15 work division embedded in MyThinks projects

Melting / Metal processing / Cleaning and finishing / Marking and printing / Painting and enameling / Plastic injection / Die manufacturing / Tailoring and leather good / Mechatronics / Robotic and automation / Software development / Typography / Product design / Graphic design / Marketing and communication

Everything takes place at our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Valenza: from the initial idea to the creation of molds, the production of components and their assembly, package printing and advertising initiatives.

Thanks to significant investments in technology and employee development, there are no less than 15 different company departments with over 100 people, that are working together in synergy in order to ensure a high level of product quality at every step of the manufacturing process.

Every idea that gets the “green light” can become a reality in a very short time, with no external constraints.

15 companies

Eco-friendly production


The company is continually investing in ways to reduce the environmental impact of production.

In addition to guaranteeing compliance with the international standards of Social and Environmental Responsibility,MyFamily takes concrete action in order to be environmentally friendly:


    Less plastic

    Plastic packaging and bubble wrap have been eliminated and replaced by cardboard and recycled paper. The need of bottled water has significantly been reduced by using reverse osmosis

    Regeneration of wastewater

    In a closed system, water used in production cycles are regenerated and then disposed of by certified companies when exhausted

    Always greener

    New ventilation and filtration systems for fumes and vapors

    Ethical choice of leather

    Only naturally tanned Italian leathers used in production



    MyFamily S.r.l. Valenza (AL) – Italy

    +39 0131 950063-134